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Bansfield Photography

Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing?
My pricing starts from £300 but each quote is tailored to individuals requirements. Please
get in touch to find out more.

How long does it take to receive our photos?
I aim to deliver your photos within 6 weeks.

How do I book you?
Complete the
form and I will aim to respond back to you within 48 hours. If you are happy with the quote, a contract will be sent. Once a deposit is received, the date will be reserved for you. 


What’s your photography style?

Our style is mix of documenting details that makes your event unique and capturing those moments that no one could plan for. We believe all those elements are what makes each event so special.


Do you provide every image you shoot?

We do not provide every image taken. We want you to be able to look through a set of images without being distracted by awkward duplicate shots, test shots, and closed eyes.


Will you share with us the unedited or RAW images?

No. We take all images in RAW uncompressed format for optimal details from the camera and it gives us the most control in post production. We will not give out unfinished unedited RAW files to clients.


Will you upload our images online?

We will post your images online on social media sites and our website, and we may even submit these images for certain magazine articles and competitions. We get more work only when we showcase our existing work. This is non-negotiable. If we were not able to do so, you, as a prospective client, would not have been able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your event.


Who owns the copyright to our photos?

We reserve the copyright of all photos. You are free to use the photos for personal use, uploading and sharing on social media platforms, and free distribution amongst friends and family as long as the photos remain unaltered and appropriate credit given. However, you can not use the images for profit, advertising or commercial use. Any copying, reproduction or publishing of the photos without our explicit written permission would be in violation of copyright laws.

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